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I am a business advisor for SBDC (Small Business Development Centres), which is a government agency, part of SBA (Small Business Administration). I am also a business and financial strategist with Victory Finance Inc., which specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a complete solution to increase cash-flow and minimizing taxes by utilizing the infinite banking and diversified insurance concepts.

I am an immigrant from China, came to the US with only $60 in my pocket with no family or friends. I graduated with a bachelor degree in finance from the University of Utah. I had owned and run women’s apparel business for over 15 years, wholesaling over 100 stores in the US and my large upscale boutique. Since 2016, I have dedicated myself to help other business owners to succeed through my financial and business knowledge and experience.

I am currently an advisory board member for Industry Consul for Small Business Development and an ambassador for Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Asia Affair Business Committee with Cupertino Chamber of Commerce. I am also a certified leadership coach and trainer for John Maxwell International, and a platinum member for CEO Space International.

I have the knowledge and solutions that can combine your experience and passion together and solve your business puzzle, getting you the best result.


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Quyen - Single Mother of 2

I was working 50+ hours a week and wasn’t making enough money in my Beauty Spa Business to provide financially for my two children. My goals were to increase my Business Profitability, work fewer hours and fund my Children’s College Education. 

After going through just some of the steps of the Roadmap Program, My Business was better Positioned to attract higher-paying clients. I found a way to make Extra Income while I am with my kids by strategies of leveraging my time. 
After completing the 90 Days 2 Succeed Program, I am now saving $500 a month for my kid’s education, and also I have more than Doubled my Revenue. I increased my income by $10,000, now working toward 10x my income.

Ray - General Contractor

I have been a general contractor for many years. I have several full-time employees. I work hard, earns a good income but had significant expenses every month which was making life challenging. As I am approaching retirement age, I was very worried about my future as my retirement fund was totally wiped out during the 2008-09 US housing crisis. I am feeling like I was in a dire situation, reached out for help because I needed strategies to reduce my high expenses and meet my business and personal financial goals.

Victoria’s team and She herself helped me create a stronger brand for my business, positioning me in a more defined market segment with higher profit margin and better cash flow; plus they were able to reduce my taxes.

Now I am on course to achieve my lifetime income retirement plan and be in complete control of my business.